It goes without saying that not all data room providers in the UK are the same. While all virtual data room providers claim that they have the best virtual data room, most of the time they are offering data rooms that best suit individual transactions.

For example, some might be the best for conducting online due diligence while others will be better for conducting M&A transactions. It is important to study the features that these data room providers offer because you need to if these features will be enough to conduct business smoothly and efficiently and get the project done on time and on budget.

In order to help you in your search for a data room provider, we have an assembled some of the key players on the data room market and break down service offering. This will be useful to you because this way, you will know who the major players are and you will not have to read through all of the information that they have on other sites. We have done all of this for you, so you can make an informed decision regarding whether or not a given virtual data room has all of the tools you need for business.

TOP Providers

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iDeals Virtual Data Room

This data room has managed to create quite a reputation for itself of the past ten years and has proven itself as leader among virtual data rooms available on the market today. In fact, it doesn’t even matter which industry you are in since you will be able to leverage the many collaboration and customization tools needed to perform all kinds transactions, conducting due diligence and pretty much anything else that your project entails. What really stands out is that everything was thought out and even the most tedious tasks can be accomplished with greater efficiency. You will be able...
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Box Virtual Data Room

While Box does not focus on data room solutions, it offers Box Business which provides the same type of services that you would from companies who do focus in this area.. When using the Box Virtual Data Room, we immediately notice the services that they are very good at such as free file sharing services. The interface is user-friendly and offers a solid level of information protection. There are features available that facilitate communication between external providers and internal communication as well. However, it offers a fairly standard set of services and, if you are an experienced data room user...
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Ansarada VDR

Ansarada was launched in 2005 and right from the outset it tried to establish itself as a player in the M&A transaction field. A lot of the virtual data rooms out there trying to attract as big of a customer base as possible, but  Ansarada has decided to focus exclusively on M&A transactions. With this in mind, you have to wonder how it will be able to accommodate other projects such as due diligence, case studies or simply storing files since these projects require a unique set of features. When shopping around for data room services, you have to take...
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Merrill DataSite

When using the Merrill data room, what immediately jumps out is that it is intended for large enterprises who are engaged in extremely complex projects or transactions. This is reflected in their pricing plans. However, if you were hoping to try out the Merrill data room before buying a plan, there is no free trial available. Also, there are no live training available, so it is almost as if they want you to buy a super expensive product that has a lot of question marks surrounding it and without a flexible pricing plan, you could get locked into an expensive...
The Intralinks virtual data room has been around for quite a while on the VDR market. Intralinks works mostly with Fortune 100 companies, focusing on large deals. While the Intralinks data room will be very useful for fixing some of the problems that come with such large scale deals and even assisting customers through the most difficult processes, their prices are much higher than other virtual data room providers. They offer several packages to make sure that each customer gets the features that they need, but if you will have to think about whether or not the price is worth...
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HighQ Virtual Data Room

The HighQ data room is oriented towards large enterprises in the legal and financial industries. When logging into the HighQ data room, there is really nothing that jumps out at you right away that would separate it from other online data room providers. It offers the standard security features required by international organizations, but there is no feeling that it goes above and beyond to make sure that your data is secure. When you boil down to it, data security is really the main thing that you are looking for from a virtual data room. It offers very useful features...
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Some reasons to discover Sterling Virtual Data Room This provider is surprisingly humble. While others choose to brag about their awesomeness and ability to drive your business to success, Sterling vdr prefers to stay in the role of the best buddy of the business owner. Admitting that regardless of how good can its technology be, the main job is still done by a human. And the Sterling data room is just a tool that will make sure your information is safe and delivered to the right person. The unusual history This provider started its way as a financial printing company....
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Imprima is an easy decision for your business Imprima is the only provider that has secured an ISO accreditation both for the security of the platform yet also business continuity. Only provider to undergo full ISO 27001:2013 accreditation Provides a highly intuitive, user-focused interface with next generation functionality Brand-new Q&A – recently updated & enhanced Powerful and highly flexible tool to facilitate the most effective communication between buyer and seller Cutting-edge reporting functionality with easy-to-build, customisable dashboards and report templates ensure fast analysis and informed decision making Advanced Flexibility with Document Sharing and Permissions Imprima delivers a premium product and service and ensures you’re...