Box Virtual Data Room Provider Overview

Box virtual data room is a highly equipped software solution for storing and exchanging critical documents during various collaborative projects. Built on the foundation of an established file-sharing platform, Box data room offers numerous opportunities to various businesses worldwide.

Box virtual data room overview

Box data room is a deal processing software solution by Box, a SaaS collaborative tools developer. Since its establishment in 2005, Box has acquired over 14 organizations within the tech sector, strengthening and growing the capacity of its initial offer. 

Box was founded in San Francisco, CA and headquartered in Redwood City, CA. The company assists their global client base through over 13 offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. 

Box has built a reputation as a file-sharing platform provider. However, the developers didn’t stop there. Along with the virtual data room, Box supplies solutions for internal collaborations, cloud storage, workflow automation, e-signatures, IT administration, and more. 

Box virtual data room delivers solutions for any company size, from a small firm to an enterprise-scale business. The industries that benefit from the Box data room the most include government, education, finance, retail, construction, and life sciences. 

Box data room features

Box data room offers a versatile set of tools and instruments for simplifying various collaborative procedures. Box solutions assist with managing large file volumes, directing teams, and exchanging confidential data during critical deals, such as mergers and acquisitions. 

Virtual data room Box runs via ultra-secure data processing facilities, compliant with the ISO/IEC 27001, SOC (1, 2, 3), HIPAA, FINRA, FedRAMP, and GDPR standards. Box data room data protection features include tools like multi-layered user permissions, dynamic watermarking, and single sign-on. 

The most outstanding features of the Box data room include:

  • Extensive integration library. Box virtual data room can be seamlessly connected to other tools and platforms developed by Box and other tech companies. The integration library includes over 1,500 opportunities and features tools like Zoom, Slack, Google Workspace, and more.
  • User-friendly interface. Box virtual data room is a well-designed solution that allows users with all levels of technical backgrounds to effectively attend to their duties.
  • Smart insight extraction. Box data room employs machine learning to help users retrieve key elements from contracts and other expansive documents. 

Data Box pricing

Depending on the project, the number of users, and the amount of data, Box pricing is segregated into individual and business plans. Box virtual data room falls under the business section with the following pricing solutions:

  • Business. This plan starts from $15 per user per month with a minimum requirement of three users, billed annually, and allows users to store up to 5 GB of data.
  • Business Plus plan starts from $35 per user per month with a minimum requirement of three users, billed annually, and allows users to store up to 15 GB of data.
  • Enterprise. This plan starts from $35 per user per month with a minimum requirement of three users, billed annually and allows users to store up to 50 GB of data.
  • Enterprise Plus is a custom-quote plan with the feature set and offerings adjusted to the specific client’s requirements. 

Box data room deployment 

Box virtual data room is a SaaS solution that can be accessed via an Internet browser. Certain features within the Box data room are also available through smartphone applications for iOS and Android devices. 

The platform’s interface is available in five languages and can be customized with versatile APIs and pre-configured integrations.