HighQ Data Room Provider Review

HighQ data room is a well-equipped collaborative solution for the legal sector. The software allows streamlining complex procedures, operating with escalated volumes of data, and making timely decisions based on valuable insights. 

HighQ data rooms overview

HighQ dataroom technologies supply a range of industry-wide and unique features for managing documents, exchanging confidential data, and collaborating with teams. HighQ data room was developed in 2001 in London, UK and acquired by the legal analytics software developer Thomson Reuters in 2019.

HighQ solutions continue to reside in London, with additional offices in North America, Asia, and Australia. Meanwhile, the parent company Thomson Reuters has an expansive office network across the United States and Canada.

Apart from the HighQ data rooms, Thomson Reuters supplies a range of products and services aimed at streamlining legal procedures. Their product line features solutions for legal research, legal content creation, data analytics, and more. 

HighQ data room is a suitable solution for all-size operations within the legal sector. However, the provider’s expertise and tool offering will be most beneficial for boutique law firms, corporate legal divisions, and government institutions.

HighQ dataroom features

HighQ data room features are spread across multiple levels of complexity which correspond with the respective pricing packages. Like many other providers within the segment, HighQ solutions deliver tools for file organization, project management, and collaboration.

HighQ data rooms process user documentation via data centers located in North America and Europe. These data processing facilities undergo independent audits according to ISO 27001 standards. And on the software side, HighQ data room users can benefit from such security features as single sign-on, granular permissions, and activity tracking. 

Other noteworthy features of the HighQ data room software include:

  • Workflow solutions templating. This mechanism allows HighQ dataroom users to speed up the work processes by recreating the tested approaches.
  • APIs and integrations. The HighQ data room functionality can be adapted to various companies’ needs with a built-in connection to tools like Excel, Outlook, and Microsoft Word.
  • Data visualization. The HighQ data rooms are equipped with analytical instruments that help users focus on the key data pieces and make the right decisions faster. 

HighQ pricing

HighQ pricing follows a per-feature model with the final cost calculated based on the user’s company size and solution requirements. The provider offers three starting packages with the option to modify each one with additional features and services. The payment plans include:

  • HighQ Essentials. This package covers the basic functionality necessary for document management and internal collaboration.
  • HighQ Advanced plan allows small and medium law firms to manage portfolios, business transactions, and litigations.
  • HighQ Premium. This plan is designed for large firms and corporations that require tools for enhancing their productivity and automating workflows. 

Each plan allows 1GB of data and up to 5 external users per each internal user, with some conditions applied. HighQ data rooms are not available for testing during a free trial. 

HighQ solutions deployment 

Users can access the HighQ data room at its full capacity via the Internet browser on Windows and Mac computers. The limited functionality version of the platform is also available through apps for iOS and Android devices. 

The HighQ dataroom interface can be customized with the help of the HighQ support team and the extensive API libraries.