This provider is surprisingly humble. While others choose to brag about their awesomeness and ability to drive your business to success, Sterling vdr prefers to stay in the role of the best buddy of the business owner. Admitting that regardless of how good can its technology be, the main job is still done by a human. And the Sterling data room is just a tool that will make sure your information is safe and delivered to the right person.

The unusual history

This provider started its way as a financial printing company. So it will be fair to say that Sterling works with sensitive documents for quite a while – since 1988. During such a long period of time, the company hasn’t lost its dedication to the data protection. Thus, Sterling data rooms are flawlessly safe.

Everything a business may need in one interface

And let us emphasize – in a very simple and rather minimalistic interface. It is so well-executed that even those users who are not that good in technologies will understand how to interact with a software without any help. Still, if they ever need some assistance, the support team is always ready to step in and guide a user through the process. Current clients of the provider are extremely satisfied with the level of help Sterling offers, saying that it is the best experience they had working with support teams.

In this virtual data room, you will find all the tools a modern business might need. Here you can exchange documents, prepare a Q&A section for partners and clients, get insightful reports and much more. Owners of the data room can track the activity of other members of the team and control the amount of access they have.

Sterling offers a nice, simple and convenient data room that will help you manage your documents and create a streamlined teamwork. It doesn’t have any over-the-top features yet it has everything a business needs for a data management. So if you need some minimalistic solution – this provider is a right choice.

Compare with the pioneer in data room technology?

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