If you have ever been interested in utilizing the VDRs you have probably heard that there is no sense to pay for the expensive VDRs as there is no difference between them and their affordable competitors – cloud storage system. Is it really true? And if it is so, why do numerous companies prefer the VDRs to the cloud storage systems? We suggest you clear up it together.

cloud storage system

General facts about the Virtual Data Rooms and Generic Cloud Storage System

If you do not get deeper into the question you will have an impression that there is no difference among Virtual Data Room and Generic Cloud Storage System. Why will you think so? In point of fact, people think so because these both options perform the same functions.

The first and the most crucial function of both of them is the info storage. Such as there were, despite the numerous other capabilities of these technologies, people firstly choose them for storing their archives. If to think about their merits, we will say that your data will be kept from the numerous dangerous factors, such as the thieves, spies, conflagrations, inundation and so and so forth. Even if you utilize both the PDR and the cloud drive or VDR and somethings happens to the PDR, you will be sure that you have a way out.

Speaking of the common things of these both options, you can see that you can use them just not depending on your location at all. And one more amazing thing is that you do not need much time and any special knowledge to share the materials with your team or your fellow partners.

But the main demerit of the cloud drives is the complete absence of the appropriate degree of protection. To tell the truth, we do not recommend the great companies with a great volume of secret records to store their info there. In the reality, the majority of these DWs are created for the people who want just to save their private information, like family photos or some cherished video archives. More often than not, they do not let you save the great volumes of the info, and if you need more, you will face some difficulties.

To make a conclusion, we can say that these cloud drives are just perfect for the individual utilizers. However, the enterprises should better utilize the VDRs, which have much higher level of protection and much more place for your info.

Reasons for preferring VDRs to some other DWs

You should realize the fact that it is no obligatory to turn to VDRs and to pay a great deal of money if, in the reality, you just do not need it. So, we took a decision to tell you in which cases it is better to deal with the VDRs.

In the first place, you have to arrive at a decision how much space you actually need. If your requirements are bigger than the offers of differing DWs, choose the VDR.

If you have numerous secret records which do not have to experience the spillover. So, if you care about their security, you also do not have another option but the VDR. More importantly, pitch it if you have the necessity to control which deeds and by whom were overviewed.

If you are going to conclude numerous deals, such as the M&A or you are going to prepare your company for the IPO, you know what to give preference to.

All in all, you see that both of these variants have their merits and have a lot in common. But you have to realize that before choosing one of them, you just have to know what you require from them. Just remember that the VDRs are better for the enterprises and other DWs are better for the private usage.